Workplace Ideas: Physical Activity

Posted on March 28th, 2014 by Seth Nickinson

Some in-workplace ideas you can implement. For more inspiration, read all our posts about physical activity.

  • Identify places within the worksite or around the building for physical activities.  Dedicate a room to basic physical activity, and provide as much equipment as possible.  Basics could include floor mats, balance balls, fresh water, light dumbbells, a treadmill, and stationary bike.
  • Offer classes in a conference room.  Consider Zumba videos or yoga videos, or a simple aerobics class taught by a knowledgeable member of your staff.
  • Provide bicycle racks or fenced-in area for bicyclists in well-lit section of the property.
  • Hire a physical activity or fitness coach to work with employees.  It would help employees have the appropriate training to know how to do the activities safely.
  • Promote bicycle commuting through an incentive program.  Rewards can include helmets, reflective vests, and other cycling items, as well as discounts at local bike shops.

  • Reimburse employees for fitness club memberships on a sliding scale, where the more they go  to the gym, the more they receive toward the monthly membership fee.
  • Install or refurbish a shower and/or locker room so employees feel more comfortable exercising before, after, or during work.
  • Invite shoe consultants from retail shoe stores or shoe manufacturers to be on site for a day helping people choose athletic shoes.
  • Negotiate corporate discounts for health club memberships.
  • Start a running club, biking club, in-line skaters club, or line dancing club.
  • Encourage employer-sponsored youth athletic teams, along with employee volunteer coaches.
  • Utilize free online fitness trackers.
  • Advertise an exercise equipment swap to help people clear out their garages and get equipment to support new pursuits.
  • Encourage workers to join an outdoor organization or hiking club, participate in a cleanup  the  and get outdoors.
  • Organize a volunteer clean-up day that will get your team outside and active.
  • Work with a private company that sets up physical fitness incentive programs and rewards employees with gift cards.
  • Promote a bike helmet fitting day.
  • Organize an office basketball (or other sport) tournament for a weekend day or after-work.
  • Coordinate or take part in a “Bike to Work Challenge” where individuals and companies form teams to see who can log the most days or miles of biking.