Activate Your Workplace

Project ACT is not just about personal choice, it’s very much about a healthy workplace. That’s where individual actions meets a collective investment. Workplace wellness works because:

  1. It can give you healthy environment (like policies, spaces, and food)
  2. Social support, a key aspect of change, gets created
  3. The network effect takes over, where we build on each other’s successes

This entire Web site is full of things that can be applied to the workplace:

Our 10 Favorite Workplace Wellness Tips

Here is some of our Activate Your Workplace content:

  1. Understanding Workplace Wellness, for Employers and Supervisors
  2. Tips for Managers
  3. Healthy Meetings
  4. Healthy Food at the Workplace
  5. Stretching and Ergonomics at Work
  6. ACT Facts, to share with your team

Video Overview

Healthy for Life “Workplace Wellness” program April, 2013

from TV Santa Barbara on Vimeo.

 Una Vida Saludable “Manteniendo Una Buena Salud en Su Empleo” 

from TV Santa Barbara on Vimeo.