Stretching at the Workplace

Posted on September 4th, 2013 by Seth Nickinson

This page points you at AMAZING stretches. Easy to do, great for your relaxation. We’ve got videos, drawings, PDFs, and slideshows. For ergonomics info about different jobs, visit this post.

Neat idea: Full water bottles can act as a set of weights and advance your stretches. Give it a try during your next break!

  • Workplace exercises sketches and instructions: a collection of about 30 simple sketches that show you great seated and standing stretches, for whole body and little parts. How about trying one at every meeting, or emailing just one to your team each week. They include this super-simple one, and this one whose image we just had to share!

  • Farmworker Back Paina story illustrated with photos, talking about what you can do for yourself, and by visiting the doctor.
  • Lower Body Seated Stretch – simple 2 minute yoga-based video
  • Voom! (the Movement online) – this is the simplest, easiest, most helpful office stretching program we have seen. Throughout the day it reminds you to stretch and provides 2-minute, easy to follow, effective stretch videos, on your desktop, browser, or mobile. For now, you can sign your team up for a free 40-day pilot, or for $19.99 join as an individual.



Memphis Construction Workers: 36 seconds of a real morning stretch





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