Social Fitness and Food Tracking

Posted on March 13th, 2014 by Seth Nickinson

Want to engage in challenges with friends or co-workers? Here are some social fitness apps and tools.

Social Tracking

Fitocracy: Created out of the developers’ love of video games, Fitocracy is all about game-ifying your workout. Track your physical activities (anything from weightlifting to jogging to power gardening) and view your progress with Fitocracy’s performance graphs. Your activities will earn points that unlock badges and “level up’s” as you do just a few more reps. Invite your friends or join a Fitocracy group of like-minded people (like joggers, weightlifters, etc.) to build your network. Like a little friendly competition? Fitness challenges abound on Fitocracy.

DietBet‘Social dieting.’ Users looking to lose weight join an existing game or set one up amongst their friends, with each person contributing to the shared pot of prize money. Then, everyone submits a picture of themselves and their current weight reading on a digital scale. After that, it’s game on for the next 28 days. Those participating are given access to expert workout tips, and can share their fitness activity via social media. Any person that succeeds in losing 4% or more of their body weight splits the pot. 

RunKeeper: generally one of the favorite apps for tracking runs, walks, and bikes by using your phone’s GPS. Data, progress, and coaching comes through your headphones, and you can see detailed stats to measure your performance and progress against goals. On the social side, users can add friends from their phone’s address book or Facebook, and compete against each other – or “nudge” friends who haven’t been active in a while. 

SoFit: By using SoFit on the go for any motion you can turn your daily activities into points, Trophies, & real-world rewards. Challenge your buddies and beat their times.

Yog: Races with others around the world. You can use the app to create a run of your own or to join one that another “yogger” created. Make the event public or invite specific friends to join the run – which is defined not by location, but by start time and distance so that runners from anywhere can run “together.” During the scheduled run, Yog will track your pace and calories burned. 

Corporate Rollouts

  • FitBit Corporate: based around a FitBit wearable device; “Flexible, scalable solutions to fit your budget and improve the health of your employees. Fitbit @ Work programs include: reports on employee participation, pre & post sales support, bulk rate pricing, and best practice for program design.”
  • FitLinxx: bases their program around the Pebble all-day tracking device; “Convenient, easy-to-use activity tracking provides feedback that motivates employees to start and maintain an active lifestyle.” Their activity gateway powers SparkPeople’s trackers.
  • AHA Activity Tracker: online only, not as glitzy, but very functional, “Unique to other online trackers, our Activity Tracker has functionality that, with the users’ permission, lets you [the employer] see their progress.”  Users can input daily physical activity and daily diet intake; use Google Map-based Walking Paths to find or create walking routes; follow a personalized Walking Plan; and get nutrition and physical activity tips to help them achieve their goals


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