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Posted on October 14th, 2014 by Seth Nickinson

This page is specifically designed to help our friends in K-12 education get up and running with a workplace wellness program. You will get a sense of how Project ACT thinks about wellness can can immediately access useful resources within this site.

For Leadership

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An Inspiring Example

Elk Grove Unified School District (CA)
Elk Grove offer a robust wellness program, called “Your Health, Your Choice,” much of it in collaboration with health insurer Kaiser Permanente, but also open to non-Kaiser employees. “Champions” have been identified at the various school sites to promote the program to colleagues.  Benefited employees who complete a basic set of wellness tasks and submit  to the district a Wellness Certification Form receive a Wellness Rebate equal to 5% of the total premium costs of the district’s low cost health plan. Employees can log their fruits and vegetables through the online Mix It Up tool. At least one school has run its own “Biggest Loser” competition. The program includes an employee spotlight, vending machine changes, “recipe of the month,” and produce boxes.

Things You Can Do for Yourself Today

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Ideas for Your Team

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