Movement Ideas: Week 9

Posted on March 20th, 2014 by Seth Nickinson

This week, simple things you can do to add steps to your routine.

Map Your Path – It’s fun to discover walking, running, and hiking routes through your community. It’s a great way to explore and get exercise. Often there is a good trail book at the local library. You can also take advantage of digital tools like, and the American Heart Association’s Walking Paths

Finally, A Reason to Love Cell Phones: is there a call you can make from a cell phone rather than a fixed landline phone? Take the call on the move, preferably with a wired or Bluetooth mic. Just please be safe where you walk.

Shopping Strategies. It only takes about 2000 steps to walk a mile. Find clever ways to walk a bit more when running your errands. Start by parking at the back of the lot, as far away as you can (that goes for work, too). Next, you can try walking to the closest store (if it’s safe) when you need to grab some milk, rent a movie, or get the newspaper. Doing laps around the mall window-shopping can add more steps than you think (just avoid the food court on the way!). Eventually, you can develop a routine where you park in a central spot in your shopping district and bring a rolling cart or backpack to make your rounds between stores.