SMBSD Move Across the Americas Map – Feb. 2014

Posted on March 3rd, 2014 by Seth Nickinson

April 17th: With a final push, Sole Train reached Punta Arenas, Chile! Ready for Antarctica? Christopher Walkins concludes their journey in Oruro, Bolivia, home of one of the most culturally rich Carnaval celebration in all the world.

THANK YOU to the 140 of you who recorded movement and the countless others who participated and let others track for them!

Personal Tally: here is a spreadsheet of miles logged on an individual basis (note: it doesn’t distinguish those who log for others). Let us know if you don’t see your name:

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April 12th: Sole Train reaches the northern edge of Argentine Patagonia! Christopher Walkings at Tiwanaku, the most important pre-Inca Andean culture on the edge of Lake Titicaca. Between a Walk and a Hard place makes it to the Mexican border. Q’ viva la actividad fisica!

April 7th: Terry Martin and Co. get Between a Walk and a Hard Place back in motion – well played! Sole Train is in Cordoba, Argentina and Christopher Walkins are giving chase, about to finish off Peru…

April 3rd: Sole Train inching through the Argentinian foothills; Christopher Walkins just a few days behind in Peru. It’s a race to the finish!

April 1st: Christopher Walkins lands right on the famous Naza Lines, ancient glyphs in the Peruvian desert! Sole Train makes it to the far north of Argentina.

March 27: Sole Train reaches Potosi, Bolivia one of the highest, and formerly largest cities in the world (home of the Spanish silver mines). Christopher Walkins is on the outskirts of Lima, Peru.

March 23th: Both of our leader teams are in the obscure reaches of South America – CW in the Ecuadorian mountains, ST on the quiet Peruvian coast. Still just about 1000 miles between you!

March 20th: CW visit Quito, one of the highest capital cities in the world (9000 feet +) on the edge of an active volcano – and their activity is blowing up! Sole Train stays about 1000 miles ahead, on the Peruvian coast just south of Lima, good spot for a summer getaway.

March 17th: Sole Train in Peru, Christopher Walkins have crossed the Darien Gap into Colombia. The race for South America is on!

March 12th: It’s a contest, for sure. Christopher Walkins are catching up and just about to finish off Panama and head into South America. They are in La Chorrera – “La Bella, Enamoradora y Querendona, La Gran Chorrera” – proud of its beautiful women, kind people, and happy night life.  Sole Train is stopping at Puyango in Ecuador, the largest petrified forest in South America. Just don’t get stuck yourselves, Sole Train!

March 7th: Sole Train leads in volcanic Ecuador with Christopher Walkins stopping at Lake Nicaragua. 

March 4th: Sole Train crosses the Darien Gap into Colombia; with Christopher Walkins chasing them through Guatemala. Will Between a Walk and a Hard Place make it to Mexico?

February 28th: Our leaders visit Quetzaltenango (Xela) Guatemala and the Panama Canal.  Camino Real and Between a Walk and a Hard Place just chillin’ outside of Tucson and Santa Barbara (!)

February 25th:  Between a Walk almost ready for Mexico, Christopher Walkins ready for Guatemala, and Sole Train ready for Panama. Our teams are “seeing” Santa Barbara beaches, Saguaro cacti, Chiapas crafts, and Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica – beautiful!

February 20th: The leaders enter Honduras, Christopher W. on the Oaxaca / Chiapas border, Between a Walk enters the Arizona desert.

February 16th: Sole Train arrives in Guatemala.  4-day weekend. Who logged some exercise?

February 12th: Our leaders are neck and neck in Zacatecas state. Camino Real still getting warmed up, Between a Walk ready to leave California!
February 8th: Between a Walk takes a big leap forward into the Coachella Valley. Christopher Walkins crosses the border and closes in on Sole Train, who stops for a stroll in colonial Camargo, Chihuaha.
February 5th: Sole Train is the first to Mexico, but Christopher Walkins is pickin’ up speed. Come on, Camino Real!
Super Bowl Sunday: Let’s get out and play some football! and then get on the treadmill!
January 30th: Everyone’s well on their way; Sole Train makes the Arizona border.
January 28th: Teams are spread out from the 101 in Santa Maria to Oxnard. Let’s get this party started!
January 27th: Souza Center

  • B = BETWEEN A WALK AND A HARD PLACE: Arellanes Jr. High, Adam, Bonita, Arellanes Elementary, Liberty, M & O, Business, Curriculum and Instruction, & IMC
  • CR = CAMINO REAL: Bruce, CPO, El Camino, Fairlawn, Migrant Ed., Oakley, Sanchez
  • C = CHRISTOPHER WALKINS: Alvin, Battles, Fesler Jr. High, Food Service, Miller, Rice, Special Ed, Warehouse
  • S = SOLE TRAIN: Human Resources, Info Systems, Kunst Jr. High, Ontiveros, Sup’t Office, Tunnell, Taylor

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