Healthy Eating at Work

Posted on September 4th, 2013 by Seth Nickinson

Did You Know? 99% of the world eats too much salt. The highest is Kazakhstan (6,000mg /day) and the lowest are Kenya and Malawi (2,000 mg / day). The American Heart Association recommends just 1,500 mg a day, but Americans on average consume 3600 mg. More “Act Facts” here.

  • SpaWaterCRSpa Water: one of the favorite activities of all our ACT pilot sites has been “Spa Water” – sharing a cool, tasty dispenser with water that’s been infused with fruit and herbs. It’s easy, sociable, and helps keep you hydrated with non-sugary beverages. Read our spa water recipes and see photos here.
  • Healthy Lunches: bringing your own lunch to work is just about inevitably healthier than buying it. Try these 7 Lunches to Bring with you from including a turkey-boursin wrap and black bean and barley salad.
  • Careful at your desk: by eating at your desk, you not only don’t give yourself a break, reducing productivity, but you probably don’t pay attention to what you consume or how you consume it. Try eating with a friend. If you have to eat at your desk, invite an officemate over to eat with you. Take that brief bit of time and connect.

Did You Know? The average female office worker consumes a third of her daily calorie allowance – around 650 calories – on snacks such as chocolate. 49% attribute is primarily to boredom, rather than hunger.

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