Healthier Company Picnic

Posted on February 18th, 2015 by Seth Nickinson

Many organizations, especially those trying to build a positive culture with strong camaraderie, celebrate via some sort of annual picnic. They are often festive and a chance to “let our hair down.” But they can also be laden with unhealthy food and alcohol.

One of our Project ACT participants, Chumash, showed how you can make small steps. Chumash has a longstanding annual picnic tradition, but it is definitely indulgent. The wellness team decided to introduce just a sprinkling of family-friendly health. They painted on the ground several “hopscotch” boards leading to their booth. At the booth, healthy snacks and fresh water were served. Kids were encouraged to color in pictures of fruits and vegetables, and write a “To:” and “From:” to their parent or relative who is a Chumash employee. Then, over the coming weeks, the healthy drawings were delivered during the workday to the employee, a reminder that a little person cares about them and their well-being.

Photos from the Chumash picnic below:

Chumash isn’t the only one to expand on the notion of a healthy picnic. The various locations of the County of Santa Barbara Public Health Department created healthy picnics of their own. One was an off-site celebration with a bouncy house, balloon toss, grilled chicken, and over 100% attendance (that’s employees plus families). Another location gathered for an intimate park BBQ with dancing and volleyball. And a third location opted to host an employees-only lunch on a workday, with catered sandwiches and salads and raffle prizes at a small, beautiful grassy park about 1/4 mile from their office.

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