Gym at your office – cheap!

Posted on June 12th, 2013 by Seth Nickinson

When we survey employees concerning how their workplace can help them be healthier, one of the most common themes is help with accessing workouts. This can mean:

  • Gym discounts
  • Subsidized gym memberships
  • On-site (lunch break or after-work) instructors for yoga, Zumba, kickboxing, etc.
  • On-site gym

It is common for discount gym networks to be part of health insurance plans. The information is sometimes buried, so whether you are an employer / HR professional or an employee, make sure to read your plan, surf the insurance website, or call the 800- number.  For instance here is info from Aetna, United, Blue Shield, and Kaiser.

But here’s an even better idea: set up a small fitness area on your own, for cheap.

As a real-life example, ACT champions at the Lompoc office of the Santa Barbara County Public Healthy Department purchased two stationary exercise bikes for under $50 each on Craigslist, and set them up for use on break time. 

 bicycle 2-EstellaValencia exercise bicycle_lompoc

We even created a simple monthly calendar to ensure that everyone could access the bike when they needed it. (Here is the Word .docx of the Bike Calendar)

Whether you are talking about bringing instructors onsite or purchasing a couple of cheap, basic pieces of equipment, just “Get ‘er done.”



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