“Fed Up” documentary seeks to undo lies about sugar, obesity, and disease prevention

Posted on February 3rd, 2015 by Joy Nickinson

What you don’t know can hurt you

If you are health and fitness-conscious in any way, you probably think you know a thing or two about food and nutrition.  If healthy food, fitness, and nutrition are not interests of yours yet, but you’re reading this review, you likely have a sense that there are some important – actually, life-or-death important – things worthy of your attention.  The new documentary  film “Fed Up” powerfully dispels harmful myths and begins to shed light on crucial information all of us may have been missing.

There are things we think we know about how to eat healthy, be healthy, and control our weight. For example, most adults “know” that you gain weight by consuming too many calories, and you lose weight by either consuming fewer calories or burning more through exercise.  For decades, the American public has accepted these scientific ideas as steadfast truth.

The hidden culprit that’s everywhere

honeycomb cereal

There are essential pieces of information missing from our accepted “calories in/calories burned” formula, and they almost all come down to SUGAR.  Not just sugar in candy and soda and other sweet treats:  dangerous amounts of added sugar in a staggering number of food products that most of us consider healthy, such as many cereals, yogurts, and fruit juices.




Filmmakers seek to educate

“Fed Up,” the new enlightening documentary from TV anchor, Katie Couric, director Stephanie Soechtig, and Laurie David (Oscar-winning producer of “An Inconvenient Truth”), exposes and explains, both scientifically and culturally, how our ignorance of the role that sugar plays in our lives is the primary reason why 1 in 3 Americans – that’s adults and children – are considered to be obese.  A recent study finds that 1 in 5 deaths in America is now associated with obesity, making obesity 3 times more of a killer than it ever was before.  This is serious.

Soda in schools

The hard truth is this: on a massive scale, the truth about food, sugar, weight loss/gain, obesity, diabetes, sugar, and mortality is being hidden from us because of political and financial agendas. CocaCola and Pepsi – with their contracts with 80% of U.S. public schools! – prosper, while more and more children and families become ill.  You can read a government report on obesity here:  NIH Overweight and Obesity Statistics

Fact: It will take a 110-pound child 75 minutes of bike riding to burn off the calories in one 20-ounce bottle of soda

Get down to business

“Fed Up” is a fantastic movie that educates, engages, and awakens its audiences. The hard-hitting report is substantiated by illuminating interviews with scientists, medical professionals, and policy-makers at the highest levels. It’s also a provocative expose that tells personal stories of children and families who are trying desperately to get healthy, beat obesity, and combat obesity-caused diseases, but without the proper information; that is, their heartfelt actions are not producing results because the information they are trusting is false.

Unfortunately, this is not radical sensationalism. It is the truth. You can elevate your efforts to have a healthy family by sitting down to movie night with your kids to view this important film.   Visit www.fedupmovie.com or GooglePlay, Amazon, or iTunes to watch.