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Healthier Company Picnic

Posted on February 18th, 2015 by Seth Nickinson

Many organizations, especially those trying to build a positive culture with strong camaraderie, celebrate via some sort of annual picnic. They are often festive and a chance to “let our hair down.” But they can also be laden with unhealthy food and alcohol. One of our Project ACT participants, Chumash, showed how you can make small […]

An Apple a Day Is Not Enough

Posted on January 30th, 2015 by Seth Nickinson

A poem by Taylor Mali that goes straight to the heart of families, kids, and health.   “An Apple a Day is Not Enough” – Taylor Mali An apple a day is not enough. Don’t let me start preaching, But shouldn’t the children of the country that’s the wealthiest, Also be the children of the country […]

Eat That Frog!

Posted on December 11th, 2014 by Seth Nickinson

Eat That Frog means dealing with the most important task first to get it done. If “eating a frog” is the ickiest thing you have to get done in a given day, once you accomplish it, you can ease into the knowledge that the hardest task of your day is behind you. It has been estimated that […]

Holiday Vegetable Wreaths

Posted on December 10th, 2014 by Seth Nickinson

Wreaths are such a beautiful seasonal decoration. They represent the bounty of the season, smell great, and are non-denominational. Traditionally, they are made of evergreens, right? Or maybe funky branches and pinecones. If you have ever travelled to the Southwest, you have probably seen ristras, made of chili peppers. But what about full edible “wreaths?” […]

20 Steps to Less Holiday Stress

Posted on November 12th, 2014 by Seth Nickinson

Last winter we published a pretty comprehensive guide to “Activate Your Holidays.” It included all the areas Project ACT cares about – body, diet, family, etc. This year, at the request of many, we are focusing specifically on STRESS. Below, a collection of tips on how to reduce it this holiday season. Don’t try them […]