Activate Your Body

  1. Partner Fitness – Just you and a husband,  girlfriend,  or partner? You and a grown child? Want to grab some alone time with your sweetie? Consider a pairs workout. Each week,  let one person choose the activity and do it together. There are infinite possible activities. Try something new, or something the other person likes. Working out together can be a date night, and plenty of exercise is a key to an active sex life.
  2. Measure It to Move It –  Keeping track of your exercise, steps, weight, and other basics are the best way to boost them. Methods range from a notebook log to a special paper calendar to a pedometer to advanced digital resources. Try the websites SparkPeopleAHA MyStart Tracker; for devices try DigiFit, Jawbone, in Apps check out Fitocracy and Strava.
  3. Map Your Path It’s fun to discover walking, running, and hiking routes through your community. It’s a great way to explore and get exercise. Often there is a good book at the local library. You can also take advantage of digital tools like, and AHA Walking Paths.
  4. Vitamin C Blast – Vitamin C is well-documented to support immune health. Kiwis, guavas, red peppers, Brussels sprouts, and cantaloupe are among the high sources of Vitamin C that you might not expect.
  5. Don’t Skip the Beats – Research has shown that people exercise harder and longer when they listen to music, So cue up your favorite tunes for your exercise time. Put together a good 30 minute playlist, or however long you want, and work out for the whole length. For inspiration, try these 100 great workout songs in 10 different styles, or these top 100 workout songs of 2012.

  6.  Remember the Tortoise – Slow and steady wins the race. If you start eating healthy and exercising on January 1 and lost just one pound a week, you’d be 52 pounds lighter on December 31. That may not be necessary, but it’s amazing what step-by-step progress will get you!